Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Great to be aboard

Hi all,
Starting a little late but great to be aboard, I teach basic Mechanical and Engineering Trade skills (BMETS) level 2 at Otago poly 'A' block with a little bit of Electrical cert, Diploma in mechanical Engineering, apprentice blockcourses and intorducing adult literacy and numeracy into programs. I look forward to catching up with the ones who are involved with the workshop as this is my preference for learning, its not that I have anything agains blogging or eluminate but I like a face to a name and the social discussion/interaction that worksops provide. I will try to make an elluminate sesion to catch up with those not at the work shop.
Bye for now
Fred evil

1 comment:

  1. Hello Fred
    You may be a tiny bit late starting, but you have jumped straight in to get your blog up and running. It will be good to interact with you in the web conferences, and a pity you cannot make the face to face classes because you are teaching.