Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Teaching US 20917 Materials

This unit covers 5 different materials and is designed to give an understanding of the materials properties and characteristics, performance, how we use them in engineering applications and factors influencing their selection.
I conduct a prior knowledge discussion to see if they can identify what the materials may be and what they already know of these materials. Once established I set them up in pairs with an identified material each and with a task sheet based on the unit outcomes above. They go on-line and research the material.
Each of the outcomes is written on the task sheet which is then transferred to the whiteboard, the students, in pairs, will then present their findings to the class, Q&A is encouraged following the findings and students will use cell phone camera's to record each material presented for future reference.
Cell phones cannot be used during assessments so image is printed or transcribed to journals for assessment.
Unit Study notes are issued at the end of the class, information within is now very familiar and is easier to understand, it may also strengthen their research.
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  1. Ah so cell phones are used. Great! I am not clear what sort of material the students are recording. Please enlighten me. This sounds like a great way to increase their research and digital information literacy and knowledge about the subject.

    Have you thought about using the social bookmarking facilities with your students? That way they can share information with each other and with you - Delicious is good for sharing information and Diigo
    - also lets you highlight and make notes on web pages & bookmark sites to share.

    Using sites like this socially will also enhance the students' literacy.

    As a teacher, you could also use these sites, or one of them, to build up a bank of resources and share them with the students. I can show you how sometime. Start with: Social bookmarking in Plain English